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GGP Magazine

Established in 1982 Glass & Glazing Products is the market leading magazine for the Window, Door, Conservatory and Glass trade. The outstanding independently Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) registered requested reader figures are a tribute to the journalism which makes GGP a 'must read' for the industry.

GGP is packed with information, application and installation stories, new products and a huge and interesting classified section.

GGP Magazine is published 12 times a year.

Media Pack

GGP Magazine Media Pack

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GGP Magazine Features List

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GGP ABC certificate

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Display Ad Rates

Full Page£1690£1490£1290
Half Page£890£790£690
Quarter Page£550£500£460
Quarter Page Strip£600£550£500

Cover Rates
Front Cover£3500
Gatefold Inside Front£3000
Inside Front Cover£1950
Back Cover£2095
Inside Back Cover£2500

Classified Rates

General & Recruitment
This substantial monthly section covers a wide variety of products and services displayed in a clear and logical format. Guaranteed to reach the right calibre of applicants in an affordable way.
Full Page£1200
Half Page£700
Quarter Page£400
Eighth Page£250
SCC (single column cm)£15
Box Number£25

Trade Directory
An easy to use, highly successful reference directory, arranged in alphabetical order under the heading of your choice.
1 year box with logo£290
1 year box with colour and logo£340

Products & Trade Literature
A full colour reproduction of your latest brochure or product photograph and approximately 70 words of promotional text. Each entry is allocated a number for the reader enquiry service.
1 Insertion£200
3 Insertions£175
6 Insertions£150
12 Insertions£125

Mechanical Data

DPS* Type Area265mm x 394mm
DPS* Trim Size297mm x 420mm
DPS* Bleed Size303mm x 426mm
Full Page Type Area265mm x 190mm
Full Page Trim Size297mm x 210mm
Full Page Bleed Size303mm x 216mm
Half Page Vertical Type Area265mm x 90mm
Half Page Vertical Trim Size297mm x 100mm
Half Page Vertical Bleed Size303mm x 103mm
Half Page Horizontal Type Area124mm x 190mm
Half Page Horizontal Trim Size145mm x 210mm
Half Page Horizontal Bleed Size148mm x 216mm
Quater Page Vertical124mm x 90mm
Quarter Page Horizontal66mm x 190mm

Copy Requirements

Mac formatted, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, EPS, Tiff or JPEG at 300dpi. PDF files saved as high-resolution CMYK with fonts embedded.

Adverts can be supplied via Email, FTP or CD, please call for FTP details.

Important DPS* information: DPS to be supplied as a single PDF (ie. NOT 2 separate pages) with 6mm gutter loss allowance/double image (3mm per page) - this allowance should be on the spine edge, within the trim width.

Important matter should avoid the gutter loss area.

Online Ad Rates

Website Banner Rates
Banner 1£825£1500£2025£2400
Banner 2£600£1050£1350£1500

Website Banner Sizes (Width x Height in Pixels)
View/Download Banner Sizes Graphic
All artwork to be supplied as a static jpeg/gif or animated gif.
Maximum file size 200kb.
Leaderboard728 x 90
Skyscraper143 x 600
Banner 1143 x 200
Banner 2143 x 80

Bullseye Banner Rates
 1 Issue4 Issues8 Issues
News Banner£200£720£1280
Large Banner£180£640£1120
Medium Banner£160£560£960
Small Banner£140£480£800
 12 Issues24 Issues48 Issues
News Banner£1680£2880£4800
Large Banner£1440£2400£3840
Medium Banner£1200£1920£3360
Small Banner£960£1440£2400

Bullseye Banner Sizes (Width x Height in Pixels)
View/Download Banner Sizes Graphic
All artwork to be supplied as a static jpeg/gif or animated gif.
Maximum file size 200kb.

NOTE: If using animated Gif's remember to ensure the first frame of the animation contains all the main information that is wanting to be shown. Animated gif's no longer play in versions of outlook of 2007 upwards and only display the first frame of the animation which is why it's important to ensure that the first frame contains relevant information. A common trick is to move what would be the last frame (which would usually contain the information) to the position of the first frame.
Leaderboard728 x 90
Skyscraper120 x 600
News Banner300 x 100
MPU300 x 300
Large Banner120 x 240
Medium Banner120 x 90
Small Banner120 x 60

HTML Emails

If creating a HTML email please download and follow our basic guidelines.

Download the HTML Email Guide





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Unity are members of the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) and also the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) who independently audit Unity's B2B publications and who are recognised as the authoritative industry voice through which best standards of circulation quality are compared.