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rci Magazine

Established for over 25 years, Roofing, Cladding & Insulation Magazine has lead the UK roofing, cladding and insulation market since its inception in 1980. rci's high editorial standards have made this magazine a 'must read' for the whole industry, and its ongoing success is unrivalled.

No other publication for this industry comes close to rci either by volume and depth of quality editorial or through rci's circulation of wholly industry-specific requested readership which is why rci is often referred to as the bible of this industry, providing the most up to date company, products and trade name listings with main addresses, branches, sources, technical notes and industry editorial. This is widely acclaimed to be the best used annual for the industry.

rci Magazine is published 12 times a year.


Mailed out weekly, Roofzine is your industry's first weekly e-zine mailed to 1000s of professionals active in the roofing cladding and insulation sectors.

Roofzine is a valuable resource offering vital information covering the latest news, legislation, product news and updates, appointments, training and technical information, business news, competitions and much, much more.

Delivered FREE to your inbox, Roofzine is the perfect solution for the wants and needs of today's busy professionals.

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General Classified & Recruitment
This substantial monthly section covers a wide variety of products and services displayed in a clear and logical format. Guaranteed to reach the right calibre of applicants in an affordable way.
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Quater Page Vertical124mm x 90mm
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Copy Requirements

Mac formatted, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, EPS, Tiff or JPEG at 300dpi. PDF files saved as high-resolution CMYK with fonts embedded.

Adverts can be supplied via Email, FTP or CD, please call for FTP details.

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